Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Internet Famous

Hey guys, so APPARENTLY there is someone out there that reads this, other than my mom.

Actually, I don't think my mom even reads this, because she's not internet savvy and because she doesn't love me. THANKS, MOM.

But apparently someone at Soul Pancake stumbled across my here patch of the internet and wanted to ask me some questions about my Soul Pancake goal- and I totally missed out.

That'll teach me to never check comments.

Anyway, you can read about Soul Pancake In The Real World over here, where I am very casually mentioned and, perhaps for the first time ever on the internet, someone has linked to my blog.

This is momentous.

What it means is that I'm also suddenly aware that people might be watching. So, after a couple weeks of very little happening over here, I'm finally going to get my ducks in a cute little ducky row and get going on some challenges, as well as answering more questions. Three went up last night, and I'm a little terrified to re-read them as they were typed in a horrible exhausted stupor that apparently a pot of coffee and a hyper-sugary Caramel Brule Latte from Starbuckles couldn't fix.

Also stay tuned, as I have some thoughts in the works for getting some of my friends involved in this project, as well as another project I'll be launching soon with Chelsea Dee.

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